excavator for hire kenya We provide affordable excavator for hire in Nairobi, KenyaHire excavators with highly trained operators at the most competitive rates.

We do all heavy lifting services within and beyond our borders. Our services include lifting, loading/offloading, transport, construction equipment and general services of generators. We also fix billboards and both avenue cameras and streetlights. Call us today for clean and very affordable rates for your services to be delivered.

Our Excavator Rental Services Come With Highly Qualified Operators

Hire Excavators-Excavator rental-Nairobi-Kenya  excavator for hire kenya Hire Excavators Excavator rental Nairobi Kenya

If you are looking for the smartest excavator machines for your projects in Kenya, then you are at the right place. sajberg co ltd offer excavator rental services in Nairobi, Kenya at the most competitive rates. Also, we have a wide range of bucket size suitable for any projects across the country. Digging, demolition work, Large-scale trenching, bulk earthworks, and on road construction are what we do best. Because all our excavators for hire come with highly trained operators. Hire excavators today and let us do the rest. We provide the finest excavator for hire in Nairobi, Kenya. First, specify your request by filling the form and then we’ll get back to you shortly with customized solutions at the best rate possible for your projects. Alternatively, we can contact us directly and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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excavator for hire kenya

excavator for hire kenya In hiring and leasing business we have a well equipped fleet of machinery ranging from forklifts
,cranes,self loaders,low loaders,backhoe,excavators,tele handler,graders,shovels ,rollers, trucks and canters etc this are usually hired for construction works.

We do provide – Excavation (Earthworks) and Equipment/Machine Hire services in Kenya.

excavator for hire kenya

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put an end to wasting your valuable time looking for heavy construction equipment rental in Nairobi, Kenya.  Because we provide a wide range of construction machinery for hire. Our equipment includes excavators, bulldozers, forklifts, cranes and more at the most competitive rate. We are here to help you succeed in your construction project in Kenya. Firstly, specify your request by filling the form. Then our experts will get back to you with a customized solution. Alternatively, you can contact us directly and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Contracting services

excavator for hire kenya

Sajberg co ltd is one of the leading companies in leasing and hiring cargo handling and transport businesses .the company has beed in operation since 2008 and our area of business is in east African and great lakes region
In hiring and leasing business we have a well equipped fleet of machinery raging from forklifts excavator for hire kenya  ,cranes,lowloaders,backhoe,excavators,telehandler and rollers ,this are usually hired for construction works
In the transport business we also have low beds latee beds self loaders,canters and pick ups
We also move cargo in and around east African and our range of equipment includes warehouse forklift,both electric and diesel,the forklift range from 2T -15 tonnes
Welcome to sajberg co ltd our range of transport include trailers ,canters,selfloaders and different size lowloaders for transporting heavy machines in and out of gauge equipment
At sajberg co ltd we have excavator for hire kenya  forklift for hire at very competitive  values these trucks are available in many variations and load capacities depending on ones need ,we hire out to individuals and corporate in all locations within Kenya
Contact us for a wide selection of fork lifts
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