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low loader for hire Kenya. Our range of transportation equipment includes a fleet of more than 20 trucks. Trailers, and different sizes of low loaders for transporting heavy machines .Low, Loaders, transport. Haulage with low loader depots located at Mombasa and Nairobi in Kenya.

trailers for hire in kenya

We offer logistic services low loader for hire kenya   specializing in all types of transportation, particularly of out-of-gauge cargo, utilizing our fleet of vehicles equipment consisting of prime movers, trucks, low loaders, flatbed trailers and lifting cranes.

Richfield’s fully maintained plant and equipment along with our qualified drivers and riggers will handle all your transport need expertly at competitive rates, keeping your costs under control and negating the need to investment in an activity that is not your core business.

We operate in Kenya and the East African Region but our services can be extended to Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC, Burundi, Ethiopia, Malawi, and South Sudan on a need basis.

Some of our key customers include: Kenya Power and Lighting Company limited, Kenya Electricity Generating Company and Rural Electrification Authority who all three require specialized logistic services for delicate cargo such as all types of transformers, concrete poles and generating plant and equipment such as generators, alternators, wind turbines, amongst others.

In order to make our customers’ life easier, we have forged partnerships with reputed clearing and forwarding companies so as to offer a “One-stop logistics solution” to our customers.

low loader for hire

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Equipment Hire

Our advanced and complete fleet of specialised equipment is also available for hire.  The following equipment is available for hire on customisable terms:

  • Prime movers as stand alone or with flatbed or drop-side semi-trailer combinations.
  • Low loaders trailers of various load-capacity ranging from 0 – 200 metric tonnes and include low bed, step-frame and modular trailers.
  • Special category tow trucks that have the ability to pull cargo weighing up to 200 tonnes
  • Extendable trailers
  • Hydraulic modular trailers of various load-capacity
  • Truck cranes of 25, 50 and 70 tonne lifting capacity
  • Stanchions and other holding apparatus.
  • Earth moving equipment such as graders, bulldozers, back-hoe loaders, wheel loaders.

Our fleet is also mainly comprised mostly of new equipment.

Our equipment is also periodically tested and certified for safety on International standards. Equipment includes cranes, earth moving machines, lifting equipment, lifting belts, web slings, and shackles.

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Our rates vary with the tonage of the equipment been transported and the distance.

Our lowloaders are always on transit so able to pick up machines at different locations

within Kenya and East Africa. Our lowloaders can handle upto a weight of 100 tones .

Loeloader services available through dispatch NAIROBI,KENYA.

Call ot whatsapp dispatch for rates.

Heavy Equipment Haulage

Whether it is around town or interstate sajberg co ltd Capital Transportation has the low loaders and heavy haulage equipments to transport any sized machines. We have low loader expertise required to transport, arrange all the permits, liase with police, load and unload cranes.

low loader for hire kenya

sajberg co ltd Low loader Haulage offers transportation services for heavy equipment utilizing their low loader trailers and has experienced transporting a range of Mining equipments including Hitachi Excavators, Zoom Lion Cranes, Caterpillars and Komatsu Dump Trucks, concrete mixers, graders and bulldozers on low loaders.

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